All American Team

All American Team Award

At the America’s Clogging Hall of Fame (ACHF) World Championships each year, dancers get a chance to become part of the All American Team.  There are three different age categories for the All American Teams.  They are: Junior All American (ages 9-15), All American (ages 16-49), and Senior All American (ages 50 & over).

The All American Team nomination is based on leadership, dedication, team spirit, enthusiasm, and clogging skills.  Each team director is responsible for submitting their nominations each year in hopes of their dancer receives one of the prestigious awards.

The biggest part of this honor is getting to dance with all of the All American recipients from other teams at the World Championships.  When the dancer’s name is announced, they go to the stage and receive their custom embroidered jacket, and then they wear the jacket while dancing the All American Team dance.

The dance is a short hoedown where dancers partner up and circle, then split up, forming two columns called a highway.  After the highway is formed, each couple has the chance to show off their freestyle footwork while dancing towards the cheering and excited audience.

Oak City is honored to have such outstanding members on our team, and those who have received this honor thus far are listed below!
Name                                                                  Clogging Team                                                                       Year                         All American Team

Hal Allred-Howell                    Dixie Dew Cloggers                            1989                                    Adult
Marsha Taylor                             Bailey Mountain Cloggers                  2000                                    Adult
Tayler Gentle                               Carolina Fusion                                        2012                                    Adult
Kathy Todd                                   Oak City Clogging Crew                     2013                                    Adult
Maranda Nussbaum                 Oak City Clogging Crew                     2014                                     Adult
Sylvia Malagon                            Oak City Clogging Crew                     2014                                   Senior
Allison Miller                                Oak City Clogging Crew                     2015                                   Junior