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We accept all skill levels and ages 6 to adult!  Please fill out all of the required fields below.  All responses will be handled within 10 business days.


Please note:  Each year, our dance season starts at the end of August and finishes at the beginning of June.  The competition team is the only class that intermittently meets during the summer since competitions occur throughout the year.  We advise that one should start with the team in August, but since individual schedules cannot always accommodate that request, we completely understand and still encourage dancers to contact us at any time during the year!  The only reason for the request is because the pace tends to pick up towards the end of the year since our dancer’s skills improve and routines are almost finished.  If a slower pace is preferred, we recommend trying a class or two to see if the pace is acceptable  for you (unless you are starting at the beginning of the year).  We also recommend some private lessons if joining later on and/or asking about our virtual learning options.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

**Dance studios looking for teachers – scroll to the bottom of the page for information (do not fill out this form).



Dance studios looking for clogging teachers:  Please do not use this form on this page.  Email us directly at oakcitycloggers @ gmail . com (to prevent spam, the email address is altered so please remove all spaces from email address for our valid account) and provide us with as much information as possible regarding your inquiry.  Thanks.