The Directors

Tayler Gentle – Founder and Director

SONY DSCTayler, the director and founder of the team, started clogging at age 6.  She took an elective at her elementary school (it is amazing to think that the smallest decisions in life can completely shape a future!).  The clogging elective became so popular amongst fellow students, that a team was formed at the elementary school and was called the Hunter Heel Clickers.  Eventually, many students in the elementary school graduated, so the team formed independently outside of the school and changed their name to become the Raleigh Heel Clickers.  She continued to perform and compete with the team until halfway through high school when the team discontinued due to everyone’s increasingly busy schedules.

It is amazing to think that the smallest decisions in life can completely shape a future!

Tayler stopped clogging for the remainder of her high school career to pursue other activities (including colorguard and winterguard) and when she went to college at North Carolina State University, she decided to take a clogging PE course for fun.  Towards the end of the course, a member of the NCSU Wolfpack Clogging Team Club approached the class to tell them about the auditions that were being held for the team.  She joined the team as a full member and performed and competed with them for about 4 years (2006-2010).  During her last year with NCSU’s clogging team, she became their head coach.  After her time with NCSU’s clogging team was complete, she joined the team, Carolina Fusion Cloggers.  Fusion is a competitive clogging team based out of Lexington, NC.  She danced with them from October 2010 to October 2013.  When she was on Fusion, she competed throughout the Southeastern US and in Las Vegas with them in the ACHF and CCA clogging circuits.

From August 2009 to May 2014, Tayler also taught clogging at four dance studios around the area, including the towns of  Wake Forest and Henderson.   Tayler is a certified judge for America’s Clogging Hall of Fame (ACHF) competition circuit as of early 2012 and was inducted to the ACHF All-American Team at the 2012 World Championships.  She currently serves on the ACHF scholarship committee as of May 2013.  Tayler also started successfully hosting annual ACHF-sanctioned clogging competitions starting in 2014 to provide more exposure to clogging in the Raleigh area.


Kathy Todd – Assistant Director

KathyKathy, Oak City’s assistant director, started clogging with a traditional performance team called Hemlock Bluff Cloggers in 2007.   She clogged with them for 3 years and performed at numerous regional events until she found her way to a dance class taught by Tayler at a local studio in August 2010.  She started dancing with Tayler so she could learn the contemporary style of clogging, branching out from her traditional background.  Kathy enjoyed Tayler’s class and the challenges that come with contemporary clogging, and attended her first ACHF-sanctioned clogging competition with the studio in January 2011.  After the competition, the studio expressed interest that they did not want to continue competing with their clogging program, so Kathy approached Tayler and asked her to form her own team.

In April 2011, Kathy became the first member of Oak City Clogging Crew and aided Tayler with the logistics of forming a team.  Since the start of the team, Kathy has assisted with everything possible and in early 2013, she became Oak City’s assistant director through unanimous votes from all of her teammates.  In September 2013, Kathy became a certified judge for ACHF to further her knowledge of the sport.  She also is a co-host for Oak City’s Winter Invitational, a yearly ACHF-sanctioned clogging competition that the team hosts.  Kathy is also a member of Oak City’s sister team, Brass Taps Cloggers and has been dancing and competing with them since November 2013.  In April 2015, Kathy became part of the ACHF communication committee.  When Kathy is not clogging, she can also be found playing recreational kickball and taking aerial silks classes.


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